Friday 03/05/15

March 5, 2015

Open WOD for all classes today. There are a few people planning on bringing their favorite cheat snack and adult beverages in the evening. Hey the nutrition challenge is done!!!

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Thursday 03/05/06

March 4, 2015

What movements do you think will be in 15.2??

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Wednesday 03/04/15

March 3, 2015

We have a couple things coming this week. Click below for more information.

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Tuesdy 03/03/15

March 2, 2015

The end of the Nutrition Challenge is right around the corner. This Friday we will have the BodyFat Dunk Truck return for your follow up test. We will have the sign up sheet available by tomorrow morning. Read more by clicking below.

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Monday 03/02/15

March 1, 2015

Calling all OCF members. We have a survey that we would appreciate you filling out if you haven't already. Please click below for more info. Thank you!

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Sunday 03/01/15

February 28, 2015

Open Gym today at 4 p.m.

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Saturday 02/28/15

February 27, 2015

Calling all OCF members! We have a short survey Click below for more info.

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Friday 02/27/15

February 26, 2015

Today is the day! We will be hosting the Open WOD for every class today. Tonight will be our second Friday Night Lights. Bring a snack to share and BYOB. Come compete and cheer your fellow athletes on!

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Thursday 02/26/15

February 25, 2015

We apologize for any convenience but the 8a.m., tomorrow Thursday, has been cancelled. The 9 a.m. class will still take place.

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Wednesday 02/25/15

February 24, 2015

This Friday is the first Open WOD. We will be hosting the WOD from 4-7 p.m. If you're so inclined bring a snack to share, hang out and cheer your fellow athletes on!

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