Saturday 12/3/16

December 2, 2016

Check out our Athlete(s) of The Month by clicking on Community above and going to Athlete Spotlight.

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Friday 12/2/16

December 1, 2016

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Thursday 12/1/16

November 30, 2016

Don't forget to order your Schmalls T-shirt. Deadline is December 6th.

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Wednesday 11/30/16

November 29, 2016

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Tuesday 11/29/16

November 28, 2016

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Monday 11/28/16

November 27, 2016

Every year we raise money for TAPS; Tragedy Assistance Program in honor of OCF's fallen friend and athlete GYSGT Justin Schmalstieg. All proceeds for the sale of the t-shirts will go to TAPS. Please click below for more info on how to order.

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Saturday 11/26/16

November 25, 2016

Regular Saturday schedule today.

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Friday 11/25/16

November 24, 2016

One class today at 9 a.m. so if you want to burn your feast get your butt in the gym at 9!

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Thursday 11/24/16

November 23, 2016

Today we will be offering a 9 a.m. class only. Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving with family and friends. Happy Turkey Day!!

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Wednesday 11/23/16

November 22, 2016

When is our OCF Christmas party, you ask? Click below for details!

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