You will start to notice a few changes in classroom structure.  Currently we spend approximately 15-20 minutes warming up the class.  The coaching staff would like to spend more time coaching and teaching new movements and getting into the workout faster. 


Starting the first week of December the warm up will be written on the white board.  It will now be the same for all classes and will correlate with the workout of the day.  We ask that you get to class on time or better yet early and start the warm up.  We understand that there will be times that you will be late.  That’s life, however, we will require everyone to complete the warm up prior to joining in on the lifting or skill work.  The lift/skill work will commence 10 minutes after the hour.


We will also be introducing some new variations of movements and some new tools such as resistance bands that will benefit everyone by forcing proper form and technique.  

In addition of the WOD we will be posting a strength program for those that would like to follow it on their own time. 

We expect that the transition to this new structure may take getting used to and that’s ok!  Be prepared to train hard and stay on task.  We are confidant that these small changes will benefit every single member of Oceanside CrossFit.  Isn’t that what we’re here for?! 


Please do not hesitate to ask any questions! 




Christmas Eve - 9am class only

Christmas Day - Closed

Friday December 26th - Closed

New Years Eve - 6am, 8am & 9am class only

New Years Day - Closed


NEW coming January!

Friday Night Lights

*Will occur once a month at 6p.m.

What does this entail?  It may be a time to do a fun WOD/lift heavy stuff together and chill afterwards with eats and drinks,  or a fun competition, maybe avoid working out all together and just eat, drink and be merry.  We will announce the activites prior to the evening.