Hello and welcome to Oceanside CrossFit!  Interested in giving us a try?  If you have crossfit experience come for a free class of your choice (not valid for drop-in visitors).  Just check out our schedule under "About Us",  click on  "Schedule of Classes" and come to the class that best fits your schedule.  If you want to save time, please fill out the waiver beforehand by clicking the tab below.

If you are new to CrossFit, please contact us at (760) 429-6181 or info@oceansidecrossfit.com for a free 30 minute personal introductory session.  

Dropping in?  We love visitors!  The drop-in  fee is $25 or the purchase of a t-shirt.  If you plan on visiting more than one or two days, we also offer a one week or two week pass.

For more information call 760-429-6181 or click below to get started.