Proving Grounds Competitions

*2015 schedule will include 4 major, single day events in San Diego*:

   - May:  *TeamFit* (4-person teams)

   - July:  *Stars & Bars*  (2-person teams)

   - Sept: *The SoCal Fitness Classic* (4-person teams and individuals)

   - Dec:  *The 2015 Reindeer Games* (2-person teams)

Each of these events will be several times larger than what we saw in 2014, including bigger venues, new equipment, and never-before-seen challenges lying ahead for those looking to compete.  

*PGC Open Challenge* - Last year's free, online competition during everyone's most anticipated test of fitness is back with fresh prizes for top performers.

*Tournament of Champions* - Any team or individual who finishes in the top 10 of any 2015 event will be invited to compete in our first ever.  Tournament of Champions taking place in the winter of 2016.

*Master's Division* - Beginning with July's *Stars & Bars*, a 40+ division for males and females will be added to the field. Masters athletes will compete in two person, same sex teams at both *Stars & Bars *and *The 2015 Reindeer Games* and as individuals at *The SoCal Fitness Classic.*

 *Standard Divisions - *PGC will create five named divisions for our events and release uniform standards for each. We feel this information will be helpful to athletes when determining which division to enter.