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Vicky ›

Vicky is a mother of two, lives a very busy and challenging lifestyle and like many of us had difficulty finding time for herself and didn't have time to spend hours in the gym.

The time she did spend on her fitness was that of the traditional methodologies of machines, treadmills, and stair masters. Doing the same routines over and over to nauseating boredom with mediocre results at best.

Vicky had witnessed others training CrossFit and had seen first hand the results they had achieved and hoped she could as well. Vicky came to us with a strong mind, strong will, and a focused determination both in terms of the demands of CrossFit as well as the nutritional values we practice.


Chris ›

On March 14, 2009 I had a major snowboard accident that landed me in the Hospital with complete knee construction. Replacement of my ACL and MCL along with meniscus repair. The doctor explained to me I would be able to lead a normal life after the surgery but it was very possible that I would not have the active lifestyle I led before. This included no snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, mountain biking, or basically anything that would put stress on my knee. As you can imagine it really bummed me out that I might never do the activities I love so much and are such a huge part of my life. I then spent the better part of six months laying on my back with my knee elevated to keep the swelling down and to help the knee heal the best it can. During those six month I enjoyed such delights as carne asada burritos and pizza on a regular basis (due to the fact it was really tough to cook while on crutches). I ended up at a very sexy 235 lbs from my original 200 lbs. Lets just say if you love a man with a belly I was your man, not to mention I needed the Manzier aka the bro. (see...


Ken ›

I do not know about other people, but I can count on one hand the times I have experienced an event in my life that I know changed me as a person for the better. A few would be meeting Beth for the first time, marrying Beth, the birth of my children and another is joining Oceanside CrossFit Family.

I started OCF on June 5, 2010, it was a Saturday and the WOD was Fight Gone Bad. Laura you partnered me up with Frank, which was the best decision because he explained how the WOD wenT and how to pace myself since it was my first time in the box. My score was 170, which seemed like a great score at the time until I saw other scores on the board. Once I regained consciousness, I was introduced to Danny and some of his words of wisdom. I then told Laura I was going to sign up for a year.

I am far from a L4 athlete as of now but here is a list of things I am since walking into OCF (my second home):

        • I am a better role model for my children
        • I am a better husband
        • I am healthier both physically and mentally
        • I am...

Francis ›

It was Tuesday November 6, 2012 when I had my first taste of Crossfit. I watched Gary Roberts "Killing the Fat Man" series and saw his progress and told myself I could that. I was never an athletic person growing up, had a few back injuries, and I did not like traditional gyms. I always felt out of place and never knew what to do. I remember to this day working up the nerve to call and ask what I needed to attend my first class. I remember Laura answered the phone and said just come on in, sign a waiver and participate with the class to see if I would like it. I arrived at the gym met Laura and told my story. I did not realize what I had got myself into. Apparently, this was a level 2 and 3 class and Laura said she would scale down what I had to do. Her "scaled down" version for me was horrible. I couldn't even make it past the warmup, I was in so much pain and had to run outside a few times because I felt like puking. Laura had me sit out on the WOD. I sat there and watched everyone complete the WOD. I felt disgusted with myself, so I signed up, not knowing how it would...


Dan & Amy Hollingsworth; Owners of Kitsap CrossFit ›

Dear Oceanside CrossFit

It is with excitement and sadness that we leave the gym, OCF. We feel exceptionally lucky to have found you and can't imagine what life would be like without you. We have always known that we were meant to open a business of our own. CrossFit was the final piece of the puzzle for us and has truly completed this quest.

Jeff, Laura, Liza and Mark... we can't thank you enough for embracing us and including us in the business so we could grow and learn, and develop skills that will be necessary once we leave our safety net. We also will never be able to express with words our thanks for what you have done for us as CrossFitters. You have pushed us beyond our physical and mental comfort zones and shown us what we are truly capable of. You have made us not only better athletes, but better people.

The entire community at OCF has also contributed hugely to our development as CrossFitters as well. We have continually been amazed at the level of commitment and dedication OCF members have displayed in their own personal endeavors but most...

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Tawnee ›

I started at OCF the end of October 2011. I remember reading on one of the white boards "if you let it, this place will change you"... I was there for a reason. I was on a mission. I wanted to change my life for good.

I had pretty much struggled with my weight my entire life. I was never an athlete. Never. In 2009, at a young 22 years old, I had been diagnosed borderline diabetes and maxed out just shy of 300lbs. I knew then and there at that moment I needed to do something. I began seeing a personal trainer out of his home. Which was cool and cheap, a great start since I was very new to working out and lifting weights. I also dramatically had to change my diet. Time passed, lost a little weight. My trainer moved And then I joined a small gym since I was so anti-gym. (I Hated 24hour and la fitness. I felt so intimidated.) I actually liked the gym I was going to. They had tons of classes and eventually became a 24 hr gym. I was approached about my "free" personal training session about 4 months after joining. At this time in my life, I was very serious about joining the...