Published June 4, 2015

I have been involved in multiple types of competitive sports my whole life, spending the past 15 years heavily focused on skateboarding. Due to injuries, however, I was unable to continue down that road. I began weightlifting at this point in my life until one of my good friends turned me on to CrossFit. Once I tried it, I couldn’t get enough. I continued to work hard after that and began focusing on my issues from previous behaviors…but finding CrossFit has allowed me to push myself through these issues and motivate others to do the same. I currently possess my  CrossFit Level 1 Certification as well as my Sports Nutrition Certification. As a coach and athlete I can promise to you with confidence that you will achieve whatever goal you set for yourself here at Oceanside CossFit, and I will do my best to motivate and dedicate myself to make those goals your reality.

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