June Athlete of the Month - Jonathan Montalvo

Published June 4, 2018


My name is Jonathan Montalvo / 72” or 6’ / 39 years old birthdate July 21 1978 / Married to Jennifer Montalvo / Retired Marine as of 31st May 2018 currently working with Logistics Management institute as Facility Planner “Government Contractor” for Camp Pendleton / 3 Kids oldest are Twins Boy Jonathan Montalvo II 15 years old Daughter Audiana Montalvo 15 years old and our youngest is Tristan Montalvo 10 years old / My interest I am a fisherman I love to fish deep sea fish to include inshore fishing if I could be on the water all day every day that is where you would find me I love being out on the water. But even so I love being in the gym just as much as being on the water fishing and fitness are my interest my passion I love doing both.


I got into Crossfit in 2012 in Quantico, VA thanks to a friend Jeshua Laurin. I couldn’t stop and have been training the same way since. Since returning to Cali in August 2014 I have always wanted to come join OCF which I found on YouTube watching “Killing the Fat Man”. But between the work, training, deployments I couldn’t find the time to join so I trained on my own on base. It wasn’t until right before my deployment January February 2016 that I took advantage of the week free to new joins at the gym. After returning from the deployment I didn’t come back because the future was unknown for me didn’t know if I was staying in the Marine Corps or retiring at the time. But the week before Thanksgiving 2017 my good buddy Jeshua Laurin once again, now stationed here at Pendleton as well has invited me to return to OCF because he works out there and wanted a friend to share the pain with from the wonderful workouts that OCF comes up with. So here I am part of the Clang and Bang 5 am CREW!!!!!!


I have always been a very active person while a teenager and now as an adult. The Marine Corps required a lot of physical training but that has never been enough for me. I’ve wanted to always be stronger and faster so I would weight train, for years I did this and I got stronger and stronger. But for me, I could stop there because I want more I want to be Stronger and FASTER so like I said earlier got into Crossfit in 2012 and haven’t stopped since. I try to work out daily most of the time twice a day Monday thru Saturday.


In the first three months of returning to OCF I could see how quickly my strength and speed were returning. Plus the biggest thing for me. To date, I have lost over 30+ lbs


I have had many PR’s over the months one I am most proud of is my Clean currently at 245#. What I enjoy about working out now is that I am surrounded by like-minded people and I don’t get those crazy eye stares of what the hell is this fool doing. The community within the gym is great to me it doesn’t matter how hard they work out can be I know my partner in the WOD is going to work as hard as I am.


What’s not to like about OCF! The people are great the coaches are awesome, and I get to do one of things I love and that train to be better/healthier  


I have never been a goal setter I just go out and do it without really thinking about it. So I don’t have a short-term goal at this time but long-term goal for me would be to qualify for the Open for the Masters for my age group!

LIFTS – past/ current/ goals:

Deadlift 425/445

back squat 325/407

snatch 135/155

clean and jerk 225/245

front squat 265/345

press 205/225


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