April Athletes of the Month - Mariana Grindley and Arlene Hernandez

Published April 1, 2019


My name is Mariana Grindley, I’m 34 years old and I work at Carlsbad Unified. My favorites are sweets, reading, shopping, working out and spending time with family and friends. I found myself at OCF because it was highly recommended by a friend. Joined in Jan of 2017. Before CrossFit, I played tennis growing up till about 15 years old and after that some running, spin class and TRX.  
Early on, I noticed that i was stronger than I thought. It was a huge step for me to start something new, especially CrossFit. I also realized that I enjoyed being pushed to my limits and getting yelled at by coach Sigi.

I have become stronger and can finally see some muscle (deep down all my fat) lol. I mostly enjoyed the environment and coaches! The coaches are what I like best about OCF! They rock--always there to help and they always make me feel welcome. Moving forward, I’d like get out of my comfort zone and go heavier and change my eating habits.

LIFTS – past/ current/ goals:
deadlift 180/210/250
back squat 120/175/200
clean and jerk
front squat 100/145/190
press 85

My name is Arlene Hernandez and I am married and a mommy to three beautiful children Tabitha, Andrew and James. I first started CrossFit back in April 2017 when my bestie, Mariana invited me to a Saturday morning workout and I loved it! Before CrossFit I was really about mostly cardio, but could never reach my goals. When I started incorporating weights it really helped! In the first few months of CrossFit I noticed that lifting really helped me find muscles I never knew I had!!

I really enjoy going to CrossFit because it feels like more than just a “gym”... it’s like a second family and the coaches really care about you and your exercise goals! I especially love that there is place for my kids to hang out and where they can see what a fun and positive experience this is for me. Not to mention they love playing with the other kids that go too!

My goal is really just to be more fit and someday get a strict pull without bands or boxes!

Thanks OCF!!

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