March Athlete of the Month - Navateja (Nava) Gajula

Published March 2, 2019


My Name is Navateja(Nava) and I joined CrossFit just seven months back and now it is part of my life, my schedule, and everything is planned according to the CrossFit. I work as a software engineer and end up sitting in front of computers the whole day, so I wanted an active workout. One of my friends used to be a chubby guy and he started going to Crossfit and the results are impeccable.  Then I got inspired by him and joined Oceanside Crossfit. In my Initial days, I had no idea about the movements and I used to exhaust very quickly but Sigi is so friendly and so motivating--one of the best coaches I have ever seen. He pushed me hard to get me up to here.  JASON our head coach is fantastic, always beside me and correcting me with the movements. All the coaches at OCF are super friendly and highly motivative. Everybody in OCF is so friendly and supportive.  

Before joining CrossFit I used to go to some fitness center but I never wanted to go. I used to find reasons to skip the workout, even when I made to the workout, I was not focused or no idea what to where to start, but in CrossFit, I am so excited to hit the WOD. I eagerly wait for the next day WOD, everything is scheduled and the reps and weights are on the board. I achieved so many things at OCF which I never thought I can do like rope climbing, kipping pull-ups and etc. 

My goals are Handstand push-ups, Muscle-Ups, try to get Rx.

deadlift: 245

back squat 210

snatch: 125

clean and jerk: 135

front squat: 190

press: 140

My long term goal is to push the above number.

Good luck everyone in reaching their goals.

Thanks to OCF for making the difference.  

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