February Athlete of the Month - Amy Mozafaripour

Published February 2, 2019

I’m Amy Mozafaripour! I’m 36 years old.  I work very part-time for my husband's company and I also take care of our two kids, Atlas (3y) and Wren (1y).  We love being an active, adventurous, and traveling family.  We have two Dobermans and love taking them to play and making it a family workout.  In addition to CF I really enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, running, and snowboarding.  
For many years my sister in law was very into CF.  After a while, my husband Kyle also decided to give it a try.  He was the first to start at OCF.  I initially started about a year ago based on Kyle’s recommendation and then formed my own love for the gym/sport.
Prior to joining OCF I would mainly bike, swim, and run for exercise. My weightlifting experience was limited to some home weights and the BodyPump class at 24hour fitness.  When I started OCF I felt welcomed right away.  Everyone was so nice and encouraging.  Before I started Crossfit I admit the idea of it was a little intimidating.  With anything there’s an initial learning curve to get past but once I felt like I kind of knew what I was doing, I was a lot more comfortable.  Something I really liked about CF is that there are so many ways that everyone can participate through modifications no matter their age/size/fitness ability.  I also really like how well rounded, varied, and always challenging the workouts are.  
I feel like I’ve changed a lot while being at OCF this last year.  I’ve certainly become stronger and more confident in my fitness in so many ways.  I have learned all kinds of new skills that I couldn’t do before like Olympic lifting, box jumps, and wall walks.  I really like how even when you “get” something there’s always the next step of how to make it better, faster, stronger, or heavier.  One of my favorite things about this gym is the people.  I love my class of ladies, Kyle, and Pete!  It’s super neat to interact with other members on such a personal level.  We all see each other at our sweatiest, yuckiest, most face twisted moments, and keep pushing each other to do better and be stronger.  Obviously, I also love all of the coaches too!  It’s super cool to have that group training environment with the individual attention too.  
My goals at OCF are to keep improving, losing weight, gaining muscle, looking and feeling stronger.  In addition, improving all lifts I want to get double-unders and finally be able to do a freaking pull-up!
LIFTS– past/ current/ goals:
deadlift- 225/245/265
back squat- 135/170/200
snatch - 45/80/100
clean and jerk 65/100/115
front squat- 105/145/160
press- 75/95/105

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