November Athlete of the Month - Johnathon Borja

Published November 4, 2018

My name is Johnathon Borja and I am 29 years old. I'm currently a full-time student and am in the Army Reserves. I joined OCF after my deployment around June 2017. My wife Shannon joined OCF during my deployment and had such great results that I was eager to join the gym as well. I have always been a traditional style weightlifter before Crossfit for most of my life.

Within the first 3 months of joining, I noticed how friendly and helpful all of the coaches were. Like many others, there was also a constant soreness that comes with the first few months of training. Mentally the workouts were draining and I found myself struggling to finish some of the WODs. I'm known for my physical strength, but I know I've been told that my mental toughness was in fact, one of my weaknesses. From learning how to push through a tough workout to gaining confidence with certain weights and movements, I can say that I am very proud of how far I've come mentally.

I have more recently started coming in twice a day to work on my deficiencies. The best thing about OCF is the friendships I've made here. There are quite a few of you that I hang out with outside of the gym. At previous gyms, I felt like I experienced "bought" friendships that came with the membership I paid every month. Also, I love how accepting the entire gym is of my family. My wife has a ton of friends here as well, and everyone is always so kind to my two sons. My oldest son Jack will work out with us quite a bit; and every time without fail, he will be cheered on just like everyone else. It makes him so happy and so confident. My son Jay is the most popular member of our family. He has been growing up in the OCF gym and I am extremely grateful for all of the love he receives there. 

My short-term goals would be to continue to lose weight, slowly ease back into running and become more proficient at gymnastic style movements. Long-term goals for me would be to eventually get my Level 1 Certification and become a coach. I also want to finish the nursing program and start my career. 

Deadlift: Past - 425 Current - 480 Goal - 550
Back Squat: Past - 375 Current - 445 Goal - 500
Snatch: Past - 175 Current - 200 Goal - 225
Clean And Jerk: Past -235 Current - 275 Goal - 315
Front Squat: Past - 315 Current - 385 Goal - 405
Press: Past - 205 Current - 215 Goal - 225

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