October Athlete of the Month - Jenn Bubnis

Published October 6, 2018



Aloha, my name is Jenn Bubnis and I am 40 years young. I grew up in the Bay Area, married my high school sweetheart Josh and we have three amazing daughters that also occasionally come into OCF, Taylor(21), Marisa(16) and Brooke(12). I have always been active since a kid, grew up playing competitive tennis, I enjoy running(sometimes) and love my 8am crew here at OCF. I feel that it is important to show my kids that fitness and health is important, not just physically but mentally too.  


I started my CrossFit journey back at a woman’s club called Elite Fitness in Carlsbad about 11 years ago, one of the trainers, Robbie, was starting a class out back and I instantly took to it.  That gym ended up closing down and our memberships were moved to another gym where Robbie still continued CrossFit there but ultimately I stopped going due to work and distance to that location. So fast forward 5 years and some added pounds and less muscle…..  I started back up at Black Diamond, literally ground zero, crying with frustration on how did I let myself get here, even with the simplest movements. Coach Sigi was a witness. It was sad and pathetic(in my mind) but I just kept pushing forward with the encouragement and guidance of the great coaches there.  Black Diamond closed and a group of us came over to try OCF, I was really nervous but that quickly faded. I have been at OCF for 3 yrs now and I love it. OCF has such a strong sense of community, fabulous coaches and many great friendships that have formed.


Every athlete has different goals.  Personally, my goals are to just feel good inside and out, push myself to improve and walk away believing that I gave it my all.  


Please note my stats are not anything to brag about but here I am putting it on blast:


Current deadlift: 225

Goal: 260


Current back squat: 135

Goal:  175


Current snatch: 55

Goal:  75


Current front squat: 110

Goal: 140


Current press: 75

Goal: 100

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