Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics

I grew up in Connecticut playing a ton of soccer and basketball. When I got to college in New York, I even rowed crew for a while. Unfortunately, the competitive sports world is drastically reduced once you graduate college and I was at a loss to fill that void. I tried playing beach volleyball and some soccer while in Japan, and even though I had a good time and met some great people, it just wasn't doing it for me. In an effort to stay in shape, I but in my time on the treadmill and in the weightroom and struggled to beat the boredom. While in Japan, my husband suggested I try out the new CrossFit gym that was opening on base. He thought I would be good at it and it would be perfect to combat my exercise apathy. Reluctantly, I went to the fundamentals class one Saturday but made no promises to make it a habit. Shortly thereafter, I became obsessed with CrossFit. I slowly switched to a Paleo diet and made sure I was in the gym as much as possible. While still in Japan I completed my Level 1 certification and recently obtained my Olympic Weightlifting certification as well. I hope to add endurance and gymnastics at some point too. Ever since my very first WOD of "Cindy" at that fundamentals, CrossFit has become much more than a habit for me. I love that it is different every day and that it pushes me to near exhaustion every time. Most importantly, CrossFit has made me a part of this amazing community that I don't know what I would do without.