Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Gymnastics, USAW Weightlifting Level 1

I graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a Bachelors in Human Performance and Sport Industry and minor in Management. My degree sums up my life and passion in sports and fitness.

I grew up in the Mile High City and played competitive soccer my whole life. I am what you call a “sports junkie” I played basketball, track, tennis, and little ice hockey on the side. One of the best complements I received was when one of the guys from the football team asked me to be kicker for the team. Of course I said no! This little 5’1 body would be demolished. During college I competed in Taekwondo and just one level shy of obtaining my black belt. I tried just about every fitness class in college to expand my knowledge. During this time I was introduced to Olympic lifting. I was one of those girls that thought that by lifting heavy weights I would look like a dude. Eeeeeer, wrong!

When I graduated college I moved here to San Diego and was introduced to CrossFit by one of the most beautiful souls I know, fellow coach Ann Schmalstieg. She quickly found out that I was a work out junkie and introduced me to burpees and jumping lunges. Almost instantly I developed a love-hate relationship with them. CrossFit helped me during some of the most difficult mental and physical challenges that life has presented me. CrossFit has become part of my lifestyle and a passion of mine. It is my therapy! CrossFit has truly taught me to push myself athletic abilities to max and properly educate myself in nutrition.

I truly enjoy coming in everyday and helping members reach their physical and mental thresholds and go beyond them. I continue to expand my education and knowledge every day and will be attending several more certifications. There will be very few times that you will not see me at the gym but if you don’t it’s because I am hiking, snowboarding, or torturing myself in something running related. Or cracking a horrible joke! I look forward to meeting you!