Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

I grew up on the East Coast, where I played competitive soccer, softball and basketball. Once I was a teenager, I started running long distance and I eventually started running marathons once I moved out to California for college. At 26, I achieved one my biggest goals: I qualified for the Boston Marathon which was extremely exciting. My husband, Justin, was already crossfitting reguarly at this time and I watched his transformation with intrigue. He was always trying to get me to try crossfit and once I had my goal of getting sub 3:30 at the Boston Marathon, I figured CrossFit could possibly help me achieve it. Something happened though once I started; I realize that I wasn't really all that fit! I remember doing pushups in my first class at Oceanside Crossfit and Laura telling me: "you need to get full extention at the top of the push up. Maybe you should go on your knees". Major ego bruiser! However, I was compelled to learn as much as possible about CrossFit and I started traning reguarly and dropped some of my long runs which weren't necessarly making me 'fit'. Fast foreward to 3 years later.... I am still a runner at heart but CrossFit is my passion, primarly because it combines two of my favorite aspects of sport: athletic conditioning and fierce competition. I signed up for races primarily because I missed that feeling I got as a kid before a game. I love how before every WOD I get those butterfiles in my stomach. CrossFit makes me feel like I never have to grow up in that sense. I haven't dropped the idea or goal of running at Boston, but my passion for Crossfit has taken precedence and I am excited to start training others in the sport that has completely changed my life. I am eager to learn and I am excited at the prospect of helping others make gains which can transend into every aspect of their life. I am hoping to go to more certs, especially the OLY and gymnastics cert, in order to further broaden my knowledge for training athletes.