Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Gymnastics

I was never an athlete but I was smart enough to participate in gym class so I could maintain my GPA. I have been academically driven my entire life, my involvement with health and nutrition was only a class I took because it was science related. I received my Masters degree from Johns Hopkins University and my Bachelors degree from Colorado State University and as an adult I worked hard to be successful in my career but I fell victim to a sedentary lifestyle. When my son turned 3 I weighed 193lbs and I realized that I had failed to maintain any physical standard and I couldn’t stand how my body felt or looked. My CrossFit journey began with my husband showing me YouTube videos of women and mothers crossfitting. I struggled with being weak or last at CrossFit. To me CrossFit gave me both a mental and physical challenge that I never felt with running; the elliptical or group exercise classes. I’m happy to be here to help you in making the decision to living a better and healthier lifestyle.