Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics

I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA playing soccer and swimming in high school, then joining the soccer team in undergrad. That came to an end when I discovered the girls on the team would cry when we lost, and knowing I was one of the less skillful members on the team made me the indirect reason for their tears. Straying away from team sports, yet still craving the competitive atmosphere, I picked up Tae Kwon Do and Judo, supplementing it with the general cardio/weight training. While this routine allowed gains in endurance and strength, I was continually frustrated by my inability to develop the explosive power or to tap into the high intensity mindset that played such a large role in TKD and Judo competition. This hole in my training was further highlighted when my older brother would be in town. He began Crossfitting quite a while before me, so anytime he was home he would welcome me to join him in a crazy "girls" WOD ("Linda" was my first - it was awesome, though a trainer at the 24 HR Fitness was very upset that we "were doing our Deadlifts wrong" - apparently Romanian Deadlifts are the only one's that exist to some people). I noticed that Crossfit's training methods not only addressed areas of my fitness which obviously needed improved upon, but also made the work out fun - in an "I can't believe I actually did that, I am so happy it's over" sort-of-way. Under the tutelage of my brother, I began to fully accept Crossfit as my fitness approach around 2007. With that, I not only saw results in my own performance, but also in those I was "training" in a local gym when I incorporated the workout philosophy into teaching adult swimming lessons, leading Water Aerobics (people never expect a high intensity Water Aerobics class), and general personal training. Introducing my boyfriend/later-to-become-husband to "the cult" when he was on leave from Okinawa, we continued to Crossfit when we moved to California (me to Laguna Beach for school, he to Camp Pendleton) in 2008.

Officially joining the Oceanside Crossfit family the summer of 2009, my co-athletes have seen me go through the best of times and the worst of times. Knowing that I always want to be a part of this amazing community, and wanting to help others as they grow in their Crossfit experience, are what inspired me to pursue certification. Graduating with my Masters of Fine Arts in 2011, I continue to focus on my art work while breaking up my studio time with my gym time in order to maintain a level of sanity. We'll see if it works.